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Open Letter from NATO-Ukraine Civic League to the U.S. Congress
Dear Speaker Boehner, Senator Reid, Senator McConnell and Representative Pelosi,
Ukraine is at the forefront of the struggle not only for its own independence but for independence and freedom of Europe and the whole Euro-Atlantic community. It is determined by history.

European Parliament resolution of 13 December 2012 on the situation in Ukraine.PE502.550.
The European Parliament,
1. Expresses regret at the fact that, according to the OSCE, PACE, NATO Parliamentary Assembly and European Parliament observers, the electoral campaign, electoral process and post-electoral process failed to meet major international standards and constitute a step backwards compared with the national elections in 2010;

Lettre ouverte à Viktor Ianoukovitch, président de l'Ukraine - Appel à la libération de Ioulia TimochenkoParis - Bruxelles, le 15 août 2011
Monsieur le Président,
Il y a une semaine déjà que nous avons lancé à votre gouvernement, au nom des droits de l’homme et de la femme, ainsi que du respect de leur liberté de parole et de pensée, un appel à la libération de Ioulia Timochenko, égérie de la « révolution orange » en Ukraine, mais dont le tribunal de Kiev a ordonné, le 5 août dernier, l’arbitraire incarcération pour un hypothétique « abus de pouvoir ».

The Ongoing Battle to Protect the Rule of Law in Ukraine
The Ongoing Battle to Protect the Rule of Law in UkraineThose who drafted and ratified Ukraine's Constitution in 1996 realized something rather important: they understood that one of the lynchpins of democracy is respect for the rule of law. They realized that a system where one person's whims or a specific group's interests can overcome the written law is not, in fact, a democracy. For the past fifteen years, Ukraine's Constitution has guaranteed that "in Ukraine, the principle of the rule of law is recognised and effective

An orange and two lemons Whoever ends up leading Ukraine needs encouragement from the European Union
 Jan 21st 2010 | From The Economist print edition .EPAREMEMBER the excitement of a snowy Kiev five years ago, with tent-dwelling protesters rhythmically chanting “Yush-chen-ko”? Revolutions often disappoint, and Ukraine’s “orange” revolution has proved no exception. Indeed, many people (not least in Moscow) see the presidential election on January 17th, when the incumbent Viktor Yushchenko won barely 5.5% of the vote, as the depressing end of the affair.

Scientific and practical conference “Science for Peace and Safety”
On December 18 international scientific and practical conference “Science for Peace and Safety” was held in Cherkasy by Social and Economic   Research   Center
The following questions were considered during the Conference:
NATO perspectives in Ukraine;
NATO program “Science for Peace and Safety” celebrated its 50 anniversary:
- Mutual struggle against terrorism;
- Mutual struggle for ecological safety.
 Susan Michaelis, NATO head-quarters (video bridge with Brussels)
Yury Grebenchuk. Social and Economic   Research   Center
“Diamatik”,Ph.D, director
Volodymyr Zakhmatov, professor, TGSC (Telecommunications and Global Space Institute)
O.M. Trofimchuk, professor of TGSC (Telecommunications and Global Space Institute)
 A.V. Kachinsky, deputy director of NSPI (National Safety Problems Institute) attached to NSDC (National Safety and Defense Council) of Ukraine
G. Ya. Krasovsky, NSPI professor at NSDC of Ukraine.

A conference is „Role of society in realization of policy of evroatlantic integration of Ukraine

” Conference   „Role of society in realization of policy of evroatlantic integration of Ukraine”  of,place in Ukrinform (m. Kyiv, Bohdan Khmelnytsky, 8/16 ),30 October, 11:00 - 15.00  Themes are for stipulating:   Realization of the Ukrainian public policy of collaboration from NATO  of Constant, sovereignty and safety in  Ukraine and  on postsoviet space  .Safety through science is an important element of collaboration of Ukraine from NATO  Organizer Center of socio-economic researches of „Diamatik”   To participating in round table the invited representatives of international organizations, diplomatic representative offices  and countries of the European concord, folk deputies of Ukraine, representatives, political parties, experts-analysts of tazhurnalisti.  videocities with Brussels . In the case of consent to take part, ask to send the theses of lecture  to October, 27 :



EU and Ukraine agree terms for Ukrainian WTO accession
The European Union and Ukraine resolved  the final outstanding issues in their discussions on Ukraine's accession to the WTO. At a meeting in London, EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson and Ukrainian Vice Prime Minister Hryhoriy Nemyrya sealed the final terms of the agreement. The agreement clears the way for the final approval by WTO members of the terms of Ukraine's accession. Following ratification of the accession agreements, Ukraine will become the 152nd member of the WTO. The EU completed its bilateral negotiations with Ukraine on its WTO accession in 2003.

1.         NATO Allies deeply regret that the Russian Federation has proceeded with its intention to unilaterally “suspend” implementation of CFE Treaty obligations as of 12 December 2007.

By Mr Adrian SEVERIN Chairman of the Ad Hoc Delegation to Ukraine
Kyiv, 31 May 2007. We welcomed the political agreement reached by the President, the Speaker of Verkhovna Rada and the Prime Minister on 27 May 2007, which demonstrated the political will to decrease tensions and to avert the possibility of violent clashes. We therefore appeal to all Ukrainian political players to uphold to the reached compromise, to fully implement it and to strictly observe a moratorium of unilateral actions.

Ukraine leaders agree on poll date

President Victor Yushchenko, Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych and Parliament Speaker Oleksandr Moroz have agreed to hold early parliamentary elections on September 30.

The announcement early on Sunday morning followed hours of talks aimed at ending months of political standoff in Ukraine.

Yushchenko told reporters the Verkhovna Rada would convene on May 29-30 to adopt some necessary legal changes to organize the snap poll properly and conduct it in a democratic manner as well as a few economic bills to facilitate Ukraine’s WTO accession and raise salaries and pensions. Then the pro-presidential Our Ukraine party and Yulia Tymoshenko’s bloc will hold conventions to officially relinquish their deputy status to create legal grounds for issuing another decree to disband parliament, he added. 

The president described today's compromise as a "truly wonderful result" and said the crisis was now "finished," thanking the country's political forces for their efforts during the negotiations.   

Yushchenko added that their agreement demonstrated that Ukraine’s democracy was “mature.” “Ukraine is coming out of this crisis much stronger. The path of negotiations… shows that we are now in the circumstances when democratic values become dominant, even during the settlement of such a serious political crisis,” he said. “After these quite long – and I cannot say simple – talks we have reached a compromise.”

The West Needs a Defense System that Works For Placement April 26, 2007 By Condoleezza Rice and Robert Gates
 Sixteen years after the end of the Cold War, the transatlantic community and Russia are not adversaries.  Indeed, on a number of issues, we are partners.  We both face a number of common challenges, among the most threatening is the possibility that a dangerous state will use ballistic missiles, tipped with nuclear or other weapons of mass destruction, to hold our societies hostage – or worse.  Make no mistake:  This is a real challenge.
Despite our best efforts, including notable successes in Libya and breaking up the A.Q. Khan network, weapons of mass destruction and missile capabilities continue to proliferate.  We sincerely hope that the diplomatic efforts now underway will succeed in addressing the challenges we face from states like North Korea and Iran.  We have made some progress with Pyongyang, and though Tehran still defies the international community, there are signs that it is feeling the diplomatic pressure.

International Herald Tribune Kiev's political crisis
Tuesday, April 17, 2007 .The political crisis in Kiev is a matter of great concern to those who welcome the political progress made since the Orange Revolution. It is vital that this situation is resolved in line with the rule of law and democratic principles consistent with European values, and above all in accordance with the democratically expressed wishes of the Ukrainian people.


Address of President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko to the Ukrainian people
Respected Ukrainian narode, Today I signed Decree about the dostrokove stopping of plenary powers of Supreme Soviet of Ukraine of fifth convocation. I accepted this decision in accordance with positions of Constitution of Ukraine, duties President of Ukraine and with the observance of necessary constitutional procedure. My action is dictated a sharp necessity to protect the state, his sovereignty and territorial integrity, provide inhibition of Basic Law of Ukraine, rights and freedoms of man and citizen. Underline: it – not only right. It is my duty. The conscious sharpening of political crisis which makes a threat our country and people lasts in Supreme Soviet. In basis of crisis – three dangerous tendencies. First is an unconstitutional process of forming and pereformatuvannya of parliamentary majority. Pursuant to Constitution, coalition is created on the basis of deputy factions, but not on the basis of individual or group membership. All of other is the revision of will of people.

Беседа генерального директора ЦСЭИ Диаматик Гребенчука Ю.Л. и чрезвычайного и полномочного Посла Королевства Нидерландов в Украине г. Рона Келлера. Рон Келлер начал свою карьеру в министерстве финансов Нидерландов .В начале 90-х годов он был первым исполнительным директором от Нидерландов в ЕБРР и на этой должности хорошо познакомился с проблемами, которые встали перед странами Восточной Европы после падения Берлинской стены. В этой же должности он впервые приехал в Украину , это произошло на 10-й день объявления нашей независимости . Визит группы директоров ЕБРР готовился в Украину , как в одну из республик СССР, а приехала делегация в независимую страну. Он видел те вызовы, которые стояли перед нашей страной. И это были не только экономические вопросы, Стоял вопрос построения украинской нации. В течении нескольких лет г. Келлер занимался вопросами экономического сотрудничества Нидерландов с постсоветскими странами, в том числе с Украиной. Но вот уже полтора года он является Послом Королевства Нидерландов в Украине, так как захотел быть не наблюдателем, а участником тех процессов, которые происходят в нашей стране. Ю.Г.Человечество , к сожалению, имеет очень большой опыт того , как вполне демократические государства вдруг скатывались к авторитарным и даже тоталитарным режимам. Парламентская республика Германия в 1932 году , Российская империя в 1917 , Ирак , Чили … . Обратный переход оказывался гораздо более трудным. И мы это хорошо видим на своем примере : »шаг вперед, два шага назад». Перестройка законов, норм и всего того, что составляет суть государственного устройства необычайно сложна, особенно трудно определить последовательность введения тех или иных норм, законов и правил. Успешный опыт такого обратного перехода мы видим на примере постсоветских стран : Чехия, Словакия, Польша, Венгрия, Болгария, Румыния, Словения. Все они перестраивали свое государственное устройство по планам и требованиям, которые выдвигают к своим будущим членам ВТО, НАТО и, наконец , Евросоюз .За время своего существования эти организации разработали эффективные планы для действий кандидатов . Ваше посольство достаточно долго представляло в Украине одну из таких организаций .
Freedom House о состоянии гражданских свобод в мире Неправительственная организация Freedom House («Дом Свободы») сообщает, что в 2006 году во всем мире продолжалось наступление на свободу личности, и это угрожает стабильности демократии в странах с авторитарными режимами и препятствует проведению там политических реформ.
EU-funded project for small and medium sized enterprise (SME) support provided a learning opportunity for representatives of the State Committee of Ukraine for Regulatory Policy and Entrepreneurship in the UK
The "Power" weapon and democracy "
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